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Top: Nordstrom Rack | Jeans: Old Navy |  Heels: Similar HERE |  Bag: Similar HERE | Earrings: Walmart Similar HERE

HI FRIENDS! I feel like it has been SO long since I’ve done a post! I took the last week or two off from blog post bc we have been SO busy!  FYI this is going to be a lengthy post so you might want to grab a snack :)! As you may have seen on Instagram/Snapchat, we have MOVED!

Bryan and I have wanted to make the permanent move to Nashville for a while now. We are SO blessed and thrilled that life has brought us to this point MUCH earlier than we anticipated. Never in a million years did I see myself actually moving from my hometown. We are originally from a town in KY and were both born and raised there. When B and I first got together we always discussed moving to a big city.  We had been searching for homes in out hometown for a while, nothing felt right and things just weren’t falling into place like we had hoped. We prayed about it and felt like God was calling us to move. 

I am stubborn by nature and DO not like change or having to step out of my comfort zone. We only know a handful of people here in Nashville. New jobs, a new home, a new city, new faces, it is a lot to take in. I debated back and forth in my head and with B for the longest time. One day I just woke up and said “Lets do it!” It has been a HUGE leap of faith, and I know this move will be a struggle but boy am I excited. I can’t wait to explore Nashville, experience new things, and see where God and this journey takes us. 

I will make sure to try and blog all my Nashville adventures. I will also try and share a few home decor post once we get everything in our place together.

We have been here about week and LOVE it! I miss my family and friends but thankfully they are only an hour drive away.

Also, if any of you all are in Nashville and want to meet up for coffee, lunch, etc. Please feel free to reach out :) I love meeting new friends & other blogger babes!

So if you don’t care one bit about my rambles I TOTALLY understand! I’m a talker LOL! Most of you all are probably here for the outfit post so lets get into that! 

Black and white for me is always a comfortable go-to. I’m sure you all can tell I tend to gravitate toward neutral colors. I saw this top online for like $12 and had to snag it. This look was so effortless but very put together. I found these heels at Rue21 $10 and they are designer dupes! My earrings are also designer dupes. You will NEVER guess where I got them…. WAL-MART for like $4!! 

I wanted to add that post might not be as regular as normal! I am trying to get adjusted to everything here and B’s new job is a bit more demanding that his old one so we are still trying to figure out shooting times and new locations.

OK…Enough of my rambling!! 

Thank you so much for reading today’s post!! 


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