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If you can’t tell by the title of today’s post, today is my birthday!! (Cue the song “go shorty its ya birthday”.) I am so thankful to be able to celebrate another birthday. I am being so unoriginal with today’s post by sharing 21 things about myself for my birthday. I don’t know who started this and made it a thing but you go girl because everyone and their sister does this kind of post. I DO love reading these post and learning about other bloggers though. This is the first and probably last time I’ll do a birthday post like this for a few reasons, the main being I am NOT that cool to come up with 20+ new things about myself every year!! 

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21 Facts About Me

  1. I am only 21 years old  and NO ONE believes me. I’m not sure if it is because I am married, I carry myself well, or just act mature for my age but NO one ever believes me when I tell them how old I am. I have had to pull out my drivers license multiple times to prove my age. SO embarrassing..
  2. I got married at 19. I know SO young but when you know you know. I have the BEST husband in the world. He is such a blessing to everyone he comes in contact with. I am such a lucky girl.
  3. I was a cheerleader for 12 years. I cheered competitively for the majority of that time and I was on my schools cheer team in middle school. I feel like being a cheerleader is what has helped me have such a strong work ethic.
  4. I was homeschooled in high school. I went through a bad situation with a bully the first few months the freshman year of high school and absolutely hated the school I went to. I woke up one morning and told my mom that I refused to go back. I ended up signing up for a homeschool program that day and never went back to my old school. (I got to graduate early with a ton of college credit. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made)
  5. I LIVE for Mexican food. I would eat it everyday if I could.
  6. I hate taking off my makeup at the end of the day and had to get white sheets to force myself to stop sleeping in my makeup.
  7. I am 5″10 and was always the tallest kid in my class growing up.
  8. I absolutely HATE milk, caramel, and peanuts.
  9. I am never on time…ever. I will be late to my own funeral.
  10. One mother’s day I accidentally broke my sisters arm on the trampoline and got grounded for the rest of the year. Thanks Mom! :)
  11. I played the violin growing up but want to learn how to play piano and guitar.
  12. My dream is to travel all over the world.
  13. I am currently finishing my undergrad degree in Health Science with a Pre-Med concentration. I want to become a physician or a physician assistant.
  14. If number 13 doesn’t work out, I would LOVE to be an influencer full time.
  15. My favorite color is black, I have to stop myself from buying so many black clothing items.
  16. I listen to every genre of music. My family is full of professional musicians and I really appreciate music.
  17. I never listen to music when I am alone in the car. I always play a podcast or drive in silence.
  18. I don’t look like my mom or my dad. Everyone says I look like my grandmother.
  19. I once brought home Goldendoodle puppy without telling my husband I was doing so. He was NOT happy. 2 years later and they are best friends.
  20. I sleep with a blanket every night. I don’t have to sleep with a specific one but is has to be fleece and super soft.
  21. I would move to Orlando just to visit Disney World regularly. It is my FAVORITE place on earth. Bryan and I got engaged there.
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