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Wellness Wednesday: Getting Motivated To Get In Shape + Affordable Athletic Wear

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Outfit: FOREVER 21 | Sneakers: Adidas

Over the last few years staying healthy and in shape has been SUCH a struggle. I went from being SUPER active throughout my childhood and teenage years to college where I wasn’t as active. For the longest time I didn’t even think about going to the gym. Recently I got a fitness coach..I am about a week or so in and it has been SUCH a positive experience. Although she is not physically working out with me she is very encouraging. I have really had to try hard to stay motivated to push through. It has NOT been easy. I know so many of us struggle with actually liking the gym so I wanted to share a few ways I stay motivated to workout. 

1. Cute workout clothes. If you’re reading this you are probably 2 seconds away from exiting from my blog but I promise this helps SO much. We I started my workout plan I got myself a cute new workout outfit, nothing too expensive bc I know i’ll lose weight and wont be able to fit it (or at least that is the goal). I always feel so motivated and actually excited for a workout when I have new clothes to wear. 

2. Set goals and reward yourself once you achieve them. I always set small goals for myself and once I hit those goals I reward myself. For example: one week of healthy eating and recording it all in myfitnesspal = 1 cheat meal. 

3. Get an accountability partner. For me my fitness coach really holds me accountable with the weekly check ins. B (my husband) is also doing the workouts with me so we always keep each other motivated and on track. 

4.Take progress pictures. I didn’t realize how important and useful this was until I started doing it. A healthy lifestyle change is something that takes time. It is sometimes hard to see those changes over a period of time when they aren’t as dramatic BUT a photo will capture those changes you don’t necessarily see from day to day. I suggest taking weekly progress pictures. You would be surprised at how your body changes over a course of time. My fitness coach requires these for our weekly check in and I am SO glad that she does.

So those are my few ways to stay motivated when you are trying to get back in shape. I wanted to touch on my athletic wear for just a moment. Like I said before I am not currently wanting to spend a ton of money on athletic wear because I know my body will be changing. I love being able to find good quality workout pieces that don’t break your bank. Forever21 has been ROCKING the affordable athletic wear game lately. I have purchased SO many items from their athletic line like the set shown above. 

One last thing…these sneakers. They are hands down the most comfortable pair of sneakers I own. I want them in ALL the color ways. They are under $80!!! If you follow me on IG you have seen me rave about these a few times.

Thank you SO much for stopping by and reading today’s post! I hope you all are having a great week so far.  

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