Current Skin Care Routine + How To Achieve Clear Skin

For me I have never really struggled with acne but more so texture and uneven skin. I used to have a really bad habit of going to bed with my makeup and which clogged my pores SO bad. I never cared about my skin care routine much until I found one that really worked for me and TRANSFORMED my skin. Now I really don’t have to wear makeup and when I do my makeup looks SO good.

TYJ for good skin care products!! 🙌🏽

I recently shared a few of my favorite skin care products on my instagram stories and got a ton of questions so I decided to make a full post of all the products I currently use.


1. Clinique Liquid Mild Face Soap: This is the cleanser I use every morning. I prefer to use a gentle cleanser in the AM as I tend to use my more harsh products at night. This face wash goes a LONG way. You only need a small amount because it lathers really well.

2. Estēe Lauder DayWear Eye: This is personally my favorite part of my morning skin care. This eye cream is cooling so it feels SO good under your eyes to make them feel more awake and to get rid of any bags under your eyes.

3.Sephora Moisturizer: This has been my go to moisturizer before my makeup for about a year now. Not only is it hydrating but it is also mattifying so it helps keep my makeup on all day.


1. Pure and Gentle Face Wipes: These are hands down my favorite makeup wipes. The best part is they are literally like 98 cents at Walmart! These wipes are SO moist. They are oil and fragrance free so they are perfect for removing eye makeup if you have lash extensions. I use these to take off all my makeup before going in with my cleanser.

2.Estēe Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: If I wear eyeliner or dark eye shadows I will go in with this makeup remover. It removes makeup SO well and it doesn’t burn your eyes at all. A little goes a long way so I typically don’t have to repurchase but every other month or two.

3.Estēe Lauder Perfectly Clean: I am OBSESSED with this cleanser. I have tried SO many facial cleansers and this is thus far my favorite. This cleanser is very deep cleaning but at the same time gentle. You can use this as a cleanser or apply it as a mask and wait about 3-5 min for it to dry.

4. Clinique Clarifying Lotion: I mentioned on IG that this product and the one below have completely changed my skin. This product is more like a toner and gives you that squeeky clean feeling. I like to use this to make sure I get ALL the make up, dirt, and oil off my face. This is such a great product my husband even uses it.

5. The Ordinary Toning Solution: When I first saw this product I have no real expectations because it was so affordable. I think it is like $8! This Toning Solution hands down will transform your skin. Since adding this to my routine, my skin has never been more clear. I never really struggled with acne per say but texture and dry patches were a major issue for me. I also had a few dark spots form acne scarring and it completely has faded those.  I only use this at night though bc you can’t be exposed to sunlight with this on your skin.

6. Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream: This is SUCH a moisturizing eye cream. I personally think it is too thick for the daytime under my make up. I like this for night time because I can apply it at night and let my skin soak it in while I sleep.

7. Advanced Night Repair: I swear by night repair if my skin ever starts acting weird or if I am experiencing redness or irritation. If you have sensitive skin I recommend trying this. I don’t use this every night but on the nights I do I wait about 30 min or so after using my other products.

Current Skin Care Routine

1. Philosophy Microdelivery Wash: If you are experiencing any texture, uneven skin tone, or dull skin I recommend adding this wash to your routine about 2x a week. This is basically an at home microdermabrasion treatment. It gets rid of the dead skin cells to expose the new skin cells which makes the overall appearence of your skin more bright and even.

2.Vanity Planet Face Cleansing Brush: I like to use this at both morning and night to cleanse my skin even deeper. I just apply whatever face wash I am using. The Vanity Planet brush is a great alternative to the Clarasonic if you are on a budget or don’t care to splurge on it.

They have a few different face cleansing brush options HERE!

3. Eyebrow Razors: I use these to dermaplane my fave every other week. These are perfect for removing the peach fuzz off your face. Doing this helps make your makeup apply SO much better!

I think I have covered everything regard my current skin care. As I said above skin care is an investment and I had to learn the hard way. I would spend SO much money on cheap products and they would never work. Finding a personal skin care regime is definitely trial and error. I hope this post helps!

Thank you for stopping by! XO

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