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Life Update: Baby, Blogging, & Business

I honestly don’t even know how to start today’s post. After a 6 month break from “blogging” this feels so weird blogging again. If you follow my Instagram which I am sure most of you all do, you probably notice that despite my absence in the blogging world ya girl has been working her booty off. I have had quite a few life changes since the last time I posted. I felt it was only appropriate for me to come back to the blogging scene with a life update. Lets just jump right in because I have a feeling this might be a little lengthy.



If you didn’t know already, B and I are expecting our first child! It still feels SO weird saying that and I honestly can’t believe we are having a baby. When we found out I was in pure shock. Anyone that knows me knows that having a baby was NOT on my radar for a while. But as the saying goes, when we make plans God laughs. After getting over the initial shock, we are actually SO excited. Our baby is due this spring. We did find out the gender already and we are having a little girl. I can NOT wait to play dress up and have a mini me running around.

Initially I wasn’t going to announce our pregnancy. I wanted it to be super low key and private. To be honest I just didn’t want to put it out there because people are so quick to offer up their opinions and unsolicited advice. I realized it was going to be WAY to hard to keep it private with having so many friends and family members. This is such an exciting time it is hard not to want to share just a little bit.

I received a few questions about if I am going to blog about baby and mom life. At this time that answer is I really don’t know. I believe everyones pregnancy and experience as a mother is different. I don’t personally read mom and baby related blog post so that is just not something I am interested in writing about but as I step into a role as a mother I’m sure things will completely change. I don’t plan on sharing too much of our child on social media, of course i’ll share pics here and there but my content will mainly be about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


All outfit details can be found HERE


I recently took the longest break for me personally ever from blogging and here’s why. One, I have been EXTREMELY busy working my other two businesses. (I will share more about those in the section below.) Some days I work anywhere from 10-14 hours. I am not complaining one bit. I do not take for granted the opportunity to be my own boss, build from the ground up, and be able to work a flexible schedule.

Another reason I stepped away from the blogging scene is that I got SO tired of the comparison game and the pressure to keep up. I would see bloggers gaining 10K followers like it was nothing, going on elaborate vacations, and spending thousands on clothes each week. I felt like so bad about myself not being able to keep up and felt that there was no way I’d be able to continue and make it in this industry if I wasn’t doing the same. I just needed a break and to regroup. It felt so nice not to have to worry about posting on IG everyday or making sure I posted an IG story to stay relevant. Although the break was nice I have genuinely missed blogging. I have some fun things for 2019 planned and I can’t wait to share. Be sure you are subscribed to the blog & follow me on IG so you don’t miss out!

Ivory James


If you didn’t know, I recently started TWO businesses. I opened my online boutique AND started a virtual assistant/social media marketing agency! I can not believe I just typed that how insane to open not only one but two new ventures at the same time. My VA/Social Media business is something I can share more about at a later time because I am sure you all are more interested in the boutique.

I opened Ivory James Boutique in end of August/early September and it has been THE most exciting and most difficult thing I have ever done. We are building from the ground up, no outside funding, just a girl and a dream! Our launch was successful but building a brand is HARD. Owning your own business is TERRIFYING and SO MUCH WORK. I have learned so much about myself through this process. We are exclusively online at the moment but we hope to have a store front eventually. It is such a work in progress. I plan on doing some post in the future on how I started for everyone asking but before I do that I want to learn more about the business and grow.

If you have supported me or either of my businesses in ANY way, THANK YOU! It means the absolute world to me.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I have missed blogging SO much. I am excited to document and share all of the changes going on in my life and to continue to share my love of fashion and beauty.

P.S. Can we just talk about how fast this year has flown by? Christmas is NEXT WEEK! INSANE!!

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